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Michael Sherman is a Vancouver based photographer specializing in architecture and buildings, and for over twenty years has helped clients to showcase their projects and properties to the best possible advantage. My clients ranged from some of Vancouver's top architectural and engineering firms, to property and asset managers, shopping centres and construction companies.

YVR Airport Link Bldg. 
Vancouver B.C.

Architect: Kasian Architecture
Group Ltd.

Canadaline YVR Airport Station 
Vancouver B.C.

Architect: Kasian Architecture
Group Ltd.

Earth Sciences Building UBC
Vancouver B.C.


River Green
Richmond B.C.


Beaty Biodiversity Museum UBC
Vancouver B.C.


Bentall 5 
Vancouver B.C.

YMCA / Patina
Vancouver B.C.

Vancouver B.C.


Canada Place 
Vancouver B.C.

Architect: Zeidler Roberts / 
Musson Cattell & Partners / 
Downs Archambault


Hillcrest Aquatic Centre 
Vancouver B.C.



Hollyburn Country Club
West Vancouver B.C.

Architect: CEI Architecture

Residential indoor pool
West Vancouver B.C.

Fipke Centre
UBC Okanagan
Kelowna B.C. 

Architect: Kasian Architecture
Interior Design & Planning Inc.


Holt Renfrew Store
Vancouver B.C.


Safeway Building
Vancouver B.C.

Private residence
West Vancouver
Architect: Don Stuart 


Private residence
West Vancouver
Architect: Don Stuart


Lord Kitchener Elementary School
Vancouver B.C.



Westminster Abbey 
Mission B.C. 
Architect: Asbjorn Gathe

St Archangel Michael 
Serbian Orthodox Church
Burnaby B.C. 
Architect: Vanagan Architects


AMEC Building
111 Dunsmuir St.
Vancouver B.C.

EMP with reflection of Space Needle

Experience Music Project
Seattle, Washington.
Architect: Frank Gehry


EMP entrance

Moon Dance Cabin & Perch
Pender Harbour B.C.



Residential kitchen



Duke Building
Vancouver B.C.

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