My first visit to Thailand was on an overland trip from Europe to Australia in 1974.  It was not hard to fall in love with Thailand. The Thai people, food, and beaches have drawn me back several times over the years.  I recently returned again after almost a twenty year absence. I was expecting a huge change and indeed there was. Obviously the rest of the world has now also discovered paradise.  It just means you now have to travel a little further off the beaten path to find the original magic. Thailand is still phenomenally beautiful as you can see by the images below. Many other images are available.

Koh Lanta paradise



Bangkok temple statues


Bangkok temple statues

Bangkok temple detail

Bangkok temple shrine

 grilled chicken vendor

Thai spirit houses

Spirit houses 
# 2 


Chiang Mai 
old man


Boat fishing
in the river at Chiang Mai with movie billboards

Long tail boats on the beach on Ko Phi Phi


Ko Phi Phi boats


Maya bay on 
Phi Phi Leh, (where the movie "The Beach" was filmed)

Maya bay



Tropical flowers in Ko Phi Phi restaurant.

Late evening fisherman on Ko Samui with Big Buddha beyond

Long tail boat looking for parking on Phi Phi

Sunset fisherman
Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta boatyard

Evening boats on Ko Phi Phi

Busy beach on Ko Phi Phi

Returning fishermen on Ko Lanta


Kids with bucket in 
Ko Lanta 

Sunset dancing trio Ko Lanta


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